Meet our team of profession divers that are here to support you.

Tom Horn

Owner/IDC Staff Instructor

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I have always been fascinated with Scuba Diving, and while on vacation with my wife in the Caribbean, I finally got my opportunity to try it. I was immediately hooked after my first venture into the ocean. Diving in the Caribbean is my favorite location, and I especially love St. Lucia, as the water is warm, clear, and has plenty of sea life.

As an instructor, I love showing new divers the thrill of scuba diving. My favorite thing is seeing new divers look on their faces after they take their first breaths underwater. There’s nothing better than seeing that big smile as they come up from a dive and witnessing their sense of accomplishment and excitement.
Come by Salt & Sea Scuba, and let me share the excitement of scuba diving with you.

Justin Schneider

Owner/IDC Staff Instructor

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I first started diving professionally in 2012 while living in Croatia, and I have been an instructor full-time ever since. I have been diving worldwide and love to find off-the-beaten-path places to dive. For the last three years, I have led a small dive team exploring an underwater tomb in Sudan (Flooded Tombs of the Nile – NatGeo/Disney+).

Diving can be as peaceful and easy or as adventurous and epic as you want. Not every dive has to be the same. 

I love introducing people to different types of diving and new places they may have yet to consider.

Tyler Reed

Dive Master/Dive Shop Specialist

I got my Open Water Certification in 2001 in Phoenix, AZ. Though I live in the desert, the ocean instantly became my sanctuary. Being underwater puts me in a state of tranquility and euphoria. I have traveled worldwide, experiencing the culture on land and the magnificence of the aquatic masterpieces. Fiji would be my #1 recommendation to visit. The locals were gracious, and the diving was breathtaking. In 2010 I became a Dive Master.

I am ambitious and determined to become a dive instructor to work hands-on, helping others achieve competence to go as deep as their dreams can take them.

For 17 years, I worked in the welding industry, creating art and functional pieces. Welding takes a toll on you physically, which led to me working in dive shops where helping people discover the awaiting underwater world brings me indescribable gratification. The rapport and admiration of Salt and Sea’s dive community keeps me excited to be here every day. With my wisdom and decades of experience in diving, it is my pleasure to be a part of this family that leads people to places they never imagined.

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the ocean surface, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean.

Staying on the surface is like going to the circus staring at the outside of the tent.” -Dave Barry.

Stephanie King

Dive Shop Specialist

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Patrick Hammer

Course Director

I started diving when I was a teenager and, in college, began teaching SCUBA. I knew then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

When I opened my first store in 1974, my friends and family thought I was goofy because I was so far away from the ocean. When asked where I would dive here in Chicago, I said that pond out there called lake Michigan.

I loved teaching, and by 1975 I was training PADI instructors. I have operated stores in Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. For about 15 years, I earned the PADI Platinum Course Director award, and I am proud to say I still maintain that status. Teaching others to love diving as I do and make a living from it is the best job. Today, I still teach and have a blast doing it.

One thing that keeps me going is all the instructors I teach and the different classes. I can do a PADI Instructor course one day, then a COR training, and then a photo class.

So, I am always doing something different.
I hope to dive in with you soon.

Chuck Gatti

Master Instructor

I started Diving in 1999 with my first trip to San Carlos, MX. Diving with the sea lions instantly hooked me, and I have not come up for air since.

Shortly after that, my wife and oldest son got certified, and in 2002 when PADI dropped the age to 10, my youngest was one of the first 10 yr old to be certified in AZ.

I became a dive professional in 2004 and have certified nearly 400 students. I have a “dive club called the SCUBA Mafia,” and we go down to Cozumel about 5X/a year, so come along for some amazing dive trips.

“We dive not to escape life, but life not to escape us.”

Dan Martin

Master Instructor

I’ve always been a water dog, even growing up in Wyoming. So when I had the chance to dive in the Pacific Northwest, I jumped in with both feet and got certified in 1980 in the cold waters of Puget Sound. A few years later, I learned there was diving in water where you did not need wet/dry suits and 20 lbs of lead, the visibility was nearly unlimited, and the life varied and colorful.

In the early 90s, I changed my vacation into my vocation by becoming an instructor and began working on Aggressor Live-Aboards worldwide. For the next 20 years, I spent at least a year in places like the Cayman Islands, Belize, Tahiti, the Red Sea, and the Maldives. With so much diving, I have spent over a year of my life underwater.

My two biggest thrills in diving are reliving my first underwater experiences through students and looking for that perfect underwater photo. The first keeps me teaching, passing on the knowledge of diving and equipment repairs, and bringing more people to the sport I love so much. The latter is the never-ending quest for perfection that will keep me diving, hopefully for another year of my life underwater.

Come into Salt & Sea Scuba and give me a chance to, as the great YODA says, “Pass on what you have learned.”

Gary Gould

Master Instructor

Growing up on the East coast of New England, being in and around water has been second nature for me. Becoming a SCUBA diver in 1994 was a natural progression for me to further my passion for the ocean and everything that lives in it. My professional PADI dive career began in 2002 as a Divemaster, and I continued my dive education to receive my instructor rating in 2006.

Teaching SCUBA allows me to share my passion for the coolest recreational activity ever. Being able to contribute to opening up a whole new underwater world for others to experience and explore is very fulfilling. My student mantra is …… “if you don’t quit on me, I won’t quit on you.”

Having been to six of the seven continents, SCUBA has been life-changing for my wife and I – bringing us to many corners of the world, introducing us to a vast number of wonderful people and cultures, and giving us the opportunity to become SCUBA Ambassadors for the ocean environment.

Erica Mowrey

Master Instructor

The underwater world has enchanted me for as long as I can remember. Diving, for me, isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. It’s an adventure and an opportunity to see a world few others experience. It’s therapy when life gets stressful and I need to reset. Most importantly, it has been an incredible bonding experience with my son. We have been fortunate to travel to many unique places, and scuba diving opened that door for our family.

I’ve been diving for 20+ years, and every dive is still new and exciting. I became an instructor to help more people experience the world I love. Whether you are into history, photography, or animal rescue, scuba diving offers something.

Monica Lostumbo

Open Water Instructor

I have always had a deep love/curiosity for the ocean and wanted to make a career making films focused on marine conservation. After graduating from film school, I went on my first try scuba, which was love at first breath! I initially became a diver, so I could start learning how to film underwater, and I ended up going pro within six months after becoming a certified diver. I worked as a Divemaster for five years before becoming an open water dive instructor.

As an instructor, my favorite part is watching my student’s dive journey unfold, teaching them good dive habits/skills, and hearing about their adventures/planned adventures. For travel, one of my favorite dive sites has been West Bay in Roatan, and I was blown away by the tropical forests, beautiful reefs, and wildlife.

Finn Selander

Open Water Instructor / Service Tech

I started diving in 1973 when I took a Scuba Certification Course on the Army Base at Ft Rucker, AL. My Diving Grounds were the Panhandle of Florida, Sunken Ships, Underwater Caves, and Spearfishing! Living is Exploring an Underwater Wreck. I love Catching Dinner (on 2nd or 3rd Dive) and pairing that with a good drink!

I served in the NAVY as an OT (Ocean Systems Tech – Think Hunt for Red October). I was Stationed on Midway Island…180-foot underwater visibility! And Bermuda (Shipwreck Graveyard with 80–100-foot visibility). In 1989 I went through NAUI College to become a Dive Instructor…

I now teach for NAUI (National Association of Underwater Inst), RAID (Rebreather Association of International Divers), TDISDI
(Technical Divers International Scuba Divers International) and PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors).

My other passion is repairing and maintaining dive equipment. When all is said, “I Love Everything Diving” and Introducing New
Students to A Diving Life”.

Elisha Bosley

Open Water Instructor

I’ve wanted to scuba dive since as far back as I can remember; however, I never got around to it. Finally getting my Open Water Certification in 2014 and diving all around the world since then, I can say that I wish I had started sooner.

It adds to any vacation, even cold-water ones! Every dive is new and exciting, given that there’s always something new to see and experience each time. Whether it be rare marine life like a frogfish, a ship sunken by a torpedo, the experience of flying in a swift drift dive, or a huge sinkhole in Belize, every time is a new adventure!

As an instructor, my two favorite things are seeing students reach that moment where they realize they’ve got it down and also knowing that by sharing this sport with them all the new experiences they’re going to have later in life because of this sport!

Jeremy Stolee

Open Water Instructor

I received my Open Water Certification in 2014 as I prepped for my wedding and subsequent honeymoon in Roatan, Honduras. So I figured I might as well dive in one of the world’s premier dive locations. I would be a once or twice-per-year diver when a random vacation, eight years later, hundreds of dives, and countless hours of training later, I slightly underestimated how amazing I find life under the sea!

Come join us for a class or a trip, and I promise you’ll get hooked too!

Tristin Litherland

Open Water Instructor

I started diving in 2014. I was hooked as soon as I began breathing underwater on my first confined dive during my certification. The experience of breathing underwater and seeing in person what most people only see on TV is amazing! I’ve always loved the ocean and sea life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to dive in Iceland, Ireland, Tahiti, Hawaiʻi, and numerous locations in Mexico, Florida, and California. I became a SCUBA instructor to share my knowledge and experience about diving. Being able to see the excitement on a student’s face when they have the same experience that I have when I’m diving is a great feeling! I’m married with two boys. In my spare time, I train jiu-jitsu.

Jason MacKenzie

IDC Staff Instructor

When I was 16, my stepdad, a diver, took me snorkeling. It was at that time I knew I wanted to go deeper. It took me 25 years to take the giant stride into the underwater world. I began diving in 2017, and from my first certification, I was hooked. Within the next 30 days, I moved on to an Advanced certification and continued through the ranks to obtain Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2021.

Aside from desiring to travel the world and dive in every location possible, my goal is to share my love and passion for scuba with others. I get a lot of satisfaction by teaching others to dive and helping others accomplish their goals. Seeing the smiles and excitement on students’ faces when they get their first certification is exciting for me and reminds me why I love scuba. In my other life, I have been a paramedic for almost 25 years.

So come on and say hi; I would be glad to help you dive into the world of scuba.

Bruce Kessman


In 2004, I became a certified open-water diver on the island of St. Lucia and have wanted to keep exploring underwater ever since. Over the years, I have had some incredible diving experiences. Diving with the giant manta rays in Hawaii ranks top of those experiences.

Early in my dive career, I was fortunate enough to have my dad as an instructor and mentor. One of my proudest moments as an instructor thus far was being a part of my son’s junior open water certification alongside my dad.

Being able to share my SCUBA experience and knowledge has been very rewarding. I enjoy being a part of the journey, from watching students take their first breaths underwater to becoming confident certified divers.

Morgan Ware


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Ashley Jackowski

Dive Master Candidate

I first gave scuba diving a shot in 2016 when Tom Horn (my stepdad) asked if I wanted to attend a Discover Scuba Diving class with him here in Phoenix.

My first thought was, “What? Scuba diving in the desert?! Where would we even go?” But, despite my doubts, I followed through because why not I was in love with it just like that. I received my Open Water Certification shortly after; the rest has been history.

It’s taken years, lots of Refreshers, and too many hours on PADI’s e-Learning, but I’m finally on the way to becoming a professional diver. Divemasters Certification, here I come!

Randy Parker


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Joe Torres


I started my love for the ocean when my wife took me out snorkeling when we were first dating. But, as fun as snorkeling is, I wanted to go deeper and stay underwater longer, enjoying the tranquility and beauty you can only experience in diving. So, I received my Open Water certification in 2008. I had the opportunity to dive into several places in the Caribbean and other great locations in the states, like Florida and Hawaii.

Taking a little break from diving to see my daughters play sports, I Reactivated and took an Advance Open Water class before a family trip to Hawaii. After that, I was hooked again and continued with my learning.

I was certified as a Divemaster in 2021 and then as an Open Water Instructor. Now I want to keep sharing my passion for diving and being able to show just how beautiful and serene it can be. Besides diving for therapeutic reasons, I also love sharing the adventurous parts of diving. Whether planning your first wreck dive or flying in the ocean in a drift dive, I love to hear stories you get with meeting new friends diving.

I would love to help you along your dive journey. So come on by and see how we can help.

Michael Sullivan


I grew up just north of Boston near the coast, and the ocean always had a unique appeal to me. I have spent over 40 years swimming competitively and playing water polo. Being in the water has always been a comfortable place for me.

I was on a flight from Boston to Phoenix in 2010; I sat next to a gentleman who owned a dive shop in the Caribbean. I was admiring his underwater videos and pictures, and within 30 minutes after the plane landed in Phoenix, I signed up for my first scuba course, and diving has been my passion ever since.

I have a diving bucket list for locations worldwide to see the beauty of the underwater world. Some of my best experiences have been in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Mexico. In addition, underwater photography and videography are serious passions of mine, so that I can share beautiful experiences with family and friends.

Over the years, I have shared my thrill of scuba diving with people and found that I want everyone to have the same experiences, so becoming an instructor was the natural next step.

I am passionate about making people feel comfortable in the water and teaching them how to dive safely and confidently.

Grizz Aldrich

Master Instructor

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Sam Coffman


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